Fair Trade

Most of the leading Sleepwear Brands in India today, insist on making use of Polyester blend Stretch fabrics at supposedly affordable prices. Determined to boost profits by producing goods at the cheapest, they have completely lost account of the natural & human resources that have been exploited and the irreversible harm done to the socio-economic environment. As a result of employing cheap labour and raw materials the quality of textiles being used has also deteriorated, forcing more and more skilled artisans into underpaid mill employment. These fabrics prove unhealthy for both your skin and the environment. 

At Chamomile Home, we believe in employing small but effective and ethical changes in the ways we function. The fabrics we work with are organic, handspun fabrics sourced from West Bengal. These breathable, lightweight fabrics are great for your skin and biodegradable in nature. We take care to dispose of our fabric waste responsibly by sending it across to Emco Textile waste, Textile Exporters based in Sakinaka, Mumbai where our chindis (leftover fabrics) are then reused to make rags, etc. all in order to avoid having our waste land up in landfills, which can be very toxic for our Environment. We employ our own production team in our production unit based in Navi Mumbai, our employees are paid fairly for the work they deliver and we ensure that their workspace is both hygienic and safe for them to work out of.

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