Khadi(Organic Cotton)

Khadi fabric, also known as khaddar, is a hand woven natural fibre made with cotton. This handspun, natural, skin-friendly and organic fabric is ideal for Indian weather conditions and keeps the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter. Khadi is a hypoallergenic fabric that uses no chemicals in manufacturing and allows the skin of the wearer to breathe easily. It has a coarse texture and gets easily creased, and therefore, is starched to keep it firm and stiff. On washing, it is more enhanced. Khadi clothes usually last for 4-5 years.
Khadi as a material, is eco-friendly, biodegradable and in its most pure form. Given our current environmental status, it is of paramount importance that the entire clothing industry take steps towards making their garments environmentally friendly and concern themselves with water conservation. 3 litres of water is sufficient to manufacture 1 metre of Khadi. However, it takes almost 56 litres of water to manufacture 1 metre of mill fabric. Khadi has zero carbon footprint because it is hand spun, hand woven and imposes no hazards on the health of the weavers.
The Khadi fabric we use is spun on the ambar charkha and handwoven by artisans of West Bengal. Khadi is expensive because it demands time, labour and years of expertise of spinners, weavers and tailors. Through buying our products, you are supporting communities of rural West Bengal to earn a livelihood. Some inconsistencies in the fabric are characteristic of the handmade process.
Please note: There may be a slight colour variation. The fabric will shrink slightly (about 5%).

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